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Bathroom Remodeling

The Solution to Bathroom Remodeling in Topanga County and Surrounding Areas

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Your bathroom may be ready for a Topanga Construction makeover if:
  • You dread the moment when guests ask to use your bathroom
  • Your family thinks the bathroom fixtures are yellow, cracked and chipped by design
  • You wish to increase the market value of your home
  • The paint is “bubbled” and/or chipping
  • The drab, washed-out wallpaper is curled and peeling
  • The toilet seems to “shift” when you sit down
  • You’ve nodded your head while reading one or more of the aforementioned


Bathroom in disrepair? Don’t despair!

If you live in the Topanga County area and it’s time for a bathroom makeover, you’re in luck. Topanga Construction is the go-to team when nothing less than the finest in bathroom remodeling is required. With over 20 years of combined bathroom renovating expertise, our professional, innovative staff is skilled in the latest bathroom renovation techniques and trends.

Contemporary, Affordable Luxury

Whether it’s a tub to shower conversion, non-slip tile installation, modern, shiny fixtures Topanga Construction has the know-how and experience to make that dream an affordable reality. From the elegant and avant garde, to the more traditional bathroom innovations, Team Topanga—The Water Closet Wizards—will transform your out-dated, dingy bathroom into an area rich in style, functionality and ambience.

“I don’t know where to begin…”

If you need some ideas, below are a few of the most popular bathroom upgrades people are making in the Topanga County region:

•Sunken bathtubs
•Refreshing Bidets
•Pivot or Sliding Glass Doors
•Corner Seats
•Safety-Grab Bars
•Slick New Faucets
•Bath to Shower Conversion
•And more!


Whatever your bathroom remodeling needs may be, Topanga Construction has the solution.

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Let’s create your dream bathroom, together.