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Topanga Construction Gets the Funk Out of Your Flooring

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Are you tired of strategically placing throw rugs here and there to hide scuffmarks and other flooring imperfections? Perhaps you’ve recently made some home improvements or upgrades and realize your old flooring just doesn’t “cut it” anymore. Whatever the reasons for new flooring, the experts at Topanga Construction have the solution!

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At Topanga Construction, we know your floors aren’t just something to sweep and walk around on.  The style of flooring and the materials and installation can make or break the ambience of your home or office—and affect the resale value. That’s where Topanga Construction comes in. Whether you are interested in hardwood flooring, wood laminate, slate/stone, marble, vinyl, tile, or cork, the flooring professionals at Topanga Construction have the skill and expertise to install any type of flooring in accordance with your specifications.


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The decision to install new flooring is a big one. It is not always easy to choose which style and material is right your family’s lifestyle, or appropriate for your place of business. With so many types of flooring available, who can blame you! So, we’ve compiled a quick “cheat sheet” that provides you with the flooring basics—from the ground up!

Floor installation

Wood Flooring

o   Rich, warm and cozy

o   Long-lasting when properly sealed

o   Variety of styles and shades

o   Easy to stain or paint to achieve that just-right tone


EStone: Marble, Granite and Slate

o   Virtually indestructible

o   Striking and Sophisticated

o   Provides traction (fewer slips & falls)

ETile: Ceramic, Terra Cotta, Porcelain

o   Seemingly endless variety of colors, styles and patterns

o   Mix & Match

o   Resistant to Moisture and Stains (got kids?)

o   Durable

o   Mosaic Option

ELaminate Wood, Tile or Stone

o   Choose from a variety of styles and colors

o   Durable

o   Easy to maintain

o   Installed over existing flooring material

o   Withstands dampness and humidity

o   Scratch-resistant

o   Affordable

EVinyl Flooring

o   Durable

o   Comfortable to walk upon

o   Seamless

o   Allows for creative expression (design your own patterns!)

o   Low-maintenance

o   Extremely affordable

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