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Roofing Replace and Repair

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For nearly 10 years, Topanga Construction has consistently provided the finest quality roofing services to Topanga County and surrounding areas. Now in its third generation, the high principles upon which our company was founded remain steadfast and unparalleled.

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Renovations, Restorations, Roof Repair & Replacement, New Roofing…

Topanga Construction Does it ALL!

From luxury homes and historic mansions to homes and office buildings, the roofing professionals at Topanga Construction are best described as skilled and gifted artisans. While every member of Team Topanga is adept and experienced in all aspects of the roofing trade,   each brings a unique flair and high-level expertise to the table.

Using only industry-elite materials, our roofing services include:

Composite RoofingPneumatic roofing nail gun

o   Lightweight

o   Eco-Friendly

o   Durable & Long-Lasting

o   Climate and Fire Resistant

o   Wide Variety of Colors and Patterns

Flat and Pitch

o   Perfect for Residential Roofing

o   Easy to Maintain

o   Quick Installation

o   Create a lovely terrace garden-scape & increase resale value!


o   Fire and Lightening Resistant

o   Can last up to 70 years

o   Low-Maintenance

o   Sustains wind gusts of 140mph

o   Eco-Friendly—Recyclable & Made of Recycled Products

o   Soundproofing available for those who do not like the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof

Slate, Clay and Tile RoofingClose-up of a roofer applying weld into the gutter

o   Perfect for the Topanga County Climate

o   Protects Against Insect and Rot

o   Sun-Proof

o   Fire-Retardant

Shake and Shingle

o   Stunning

o   Durable

o   30-50 year lifespan

o   Provides Natural Insulation and let’s your home “breathe”

Roof Repair & Restoration



roofing work with flex roof

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